Friday, January 27, 2006

So now for an update on my life. As I had mentioned on my first post around two and a half months ago, I was working at the DAO (Dharmic Accounting Office), but I'm not sure if I mentioned that I was on temporary work. So I was let go right before Winter Solstice Sadhana Camp and after I got home from that I went snowboarding in Colorado for my birthday with Saibhang and Dharam. There was a gigantic mountain will a lot of trails. We were there for three days of boarding and over the second night we were there it snowed at least one foot, so we had a great time on tons of fresh powder. I had never experienced snowboarding on powder, I had only gone on machine made snow which had turned into ice. After we got back I just hung out for about two weeks. Then at the beginning of last week I started working at Akal Security in the purchasing department, it's been pretty different from all my other jobs, I have learned a lot already. I will be working in this job until the early summer. I am also hoping I will get the opportunity to teach what I have learned at Miri Piri at the Jaap Sahib course, of course I am a lot younger than what the people who will be attending the course will expect. Those are my main thoughts and happenings these days.


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