Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I missed two days, oh well, GM has been slacking on his blog for the last couple days (I don't blame him, always having something new and intersting on his blog). Since I go to Santa Fe for school on Mondays and Wednesdays, I think I might go to Best Buy tomorrow and at least look at cameras. Thanks for the advice on the Casio, in my search I did, it was the best quality, slickest, and pretty cheap in comparisson to the other cameras in it's class. So the blog will hopefully get more interesting soon, although it will be a little more work. I am at work right now, but my boss is on the phone and I have nothing to do, so I am writing this post until he is free. Ok, gotta go.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Day Three.
Wow, this is actually my third day in a row. I hope you all don't get too used to reading this daily because I probably won't post this often in the future, I have just been on the computer a lot lately. I just got my first paycheck and I am thinking of getting a digital camera with part of it. Since I am living with my mother and all I have to pitch in for is groceries (I volunteered to since I eat so much). I also have some money left over from my birthday. So, I will definately post pictures a lot more often if I get it, I love taking pictures anyway. If anyone knows of any good quality, fairly small cameras that are soming out soon I would greatly appreciate if you would let me know, I hate buying things right before the next model comes out! I bought the ipod photo just two or three months before the video came out, and it's the same price! I'll be doing my own research too, but just incase someone else is doing the same for themselves it would help me save some time.

Friday, January 27, 2006

So now for an update on my life. As I had mentioned on my first post around two and a half months ago, I was working at the DAO (Dharmic Accounting Office), but I'm not sure if I mentioned that I was on temporary work. So I was let go right before Winter Solstice Sadhana Camp and after I got home from that I went snowboarding in Colorado for my birthday with Saibhang and Dharam. There was a gigantic mountain will a lot of trails. We were there for three days of boarding and over the second night we were there it snowed at least one foot, so we had a great time on tons of fresh powder. I had never experienced snowboarding on powder, I had only gone on machine made snow which had turned into ice. After we got back I just hung out for about two weeks. Then at the beginning of last week I started working at Akal Security in the purchasing department, it's been pretty different from all my other jobs, I have learned a lot already. I will be working in this job until the early summer. I am also hoping I will get the opportunity to teach what I have learned at Miri Piri at the Jaap Sahib course, of course I am a lot younger than what the people who will be attending the course will expect. Those are my main thoughts and happenings these days.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am very sorry to the people who check this blog regularly to see if something new is happening in my life, because of my lack of attention to my blog. I know I check some blogs once every few days to see what's going on, and I get frustrated when there is nothing new posted. So here is a post which will hopefully restart my blog life enough to satisfy the visitors, and not so much as to waste my time.
I got a comment about my snowboarding pictures criticizing me wearing my hat and no t a turban, and I am very greatful for it. I was not in my bana representing the Khalsa as I usually do. The only thing in the comment was the qoute from the Rehit Nama, I have not heard this before. But I remembered this Shabad when I thought about it:

Je sukh deh ta tujhahe araadhhee dukh bhee thujhai dhhiaaee 2

If You will bless me with happiness, then I will worship and adore You. Even in pain, I will meditate on You. 2

Je bhukh deh ta it hee raajaa dukh vich sookh manaaee 3
Even if You give me hunger, I will still feel satisfied; I am joyful, even in the midst of sorrow.3

Tan man kaat kaat sabh arapee vich aganee aap jalaaee 4

I would cut my mind and body apart into pieces, and offer them all to You; I would burn myself in fire. 4